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Room Design

Do you feel like your house is in need of another room? Is it time to add another bathroom because two isn't enough? The team at US Home Developers is committed to improving your quality of life through home remodeling. Or do you feel like you need a new entertainment room or personal studio? Room additions is a great investment to add more rooms to your current home without having to go out and buy a bigger house. In fact, a room addition is a perfect way to get a real unique customization for your house, with 

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Room Addition Ideas

Basement Remodeling

Don't have a lot of backyard space? Got a dusty, cold, and often times empty basement? Creating an additional room out of basement is a great way to create a new room for a wide variety of situations. With the right contractor you can create a luxurious game room or bar room for your friends to come and enjoy themselves. The enclosed area creates a sense of comfort, and properly done can be turned into the most popular place in your house.

Sun Room

Sun Rooms take advantage of the natural light. Often they are built nearly entirely out of durable glass, or wide windows to allow a maximum amount of natural light to flow through. But be careful! During the hot summer months the Sun Room can become very hot, so it is important to make sure you hire a proper contractor to handle the job, and design the room in away that let's you stay cool during the hot seasons.


Similar to a Sun Room, the Conservatory acts more of a place for those who love gardening. Conservatories act as a beautiful open gallery that has a lot of plants and flowers planted. This room typically has sky lights like a Sun Room, but often has it's walls made of out of natural material such as wood.
Conservatories are incredibly elegant, and affordable rooms to build. They can act as a place to entertain guests, enjoy some time with the family or even by yourself. This multi functioning room is always an eye pleaser, and can turn a boring home into a elegant mansion.


An extension is a great way to create more space for an already existing room by pushing it out wards. The goal is to retain the architectural style of the house so that it conforms to the over all look of the property. Extensions are the most common way of adding a room. But it's perfect for rooms that are frequently used such as a Kitchen. Imagine increasing 50 additional feet to your kitchen, imagine remodeling that small area into something larger, more elegant, easier to move around in. Indeed kitchen extensions tend to be the most popular room extensions we've come across.

Why Hire a Professional?

You need a team of professionals to add another room or bathroom. Otherwise, that room addition will not flow with the rest of your house. US Home Developers understands this and can help you design your room addition and make it look like it has always been part of your home. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to using only the highest quality products while meeting your budget and needs. We are here to guide you through every step of the room addition process. With extra space in your home, you won't have to worry about where your growing son has to sleep or make a trek downstairs if the upstairs bathroom is occupied. If you are looking to build a room addition as part of your home improvement project, give us a call today!

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