In mid-October Southern California witnessed a preview of the kind of mudslides, and devastation that a torrential rain can have. It was a preview of this year's El Nino storm, predicted by many meteorologists to be one of the most intense El Nino storms on record. 

As everyone is aware, we in California have experienced severe six year drought that has left many parts of this state utterly parched. Because of the extreme dry conditions many homes are at risk for severe damage due to sudden, and heavy rain.

For example, the extremely hot and dry weather would have caused your wooden structures to open up expansion points because of shrinkage. This could cause water leaks into the wood - exposing it to rot or termites. Most roof leakages occur around metal joints. You can test how your roof deals with water by hosing it down with your own water, and seeing how the run-off works. Hiring a certified and experienced roofer would be your best bet. A small investment for an inspection could save you thousands if your roof ends up damaged.

Make sure to spend some time cleaning the gutters, as this is the number one reason for water intrusion and damage. Most experts agree that this requires at least two attempts: the first is prior to the major rains, and then after the first severe torrent. This is to make sure that the gutters are maintained and cleaned up!

If you have decks or balconies make sure that the water trickles away from the walls of your home. Windows may need a check up as well, since the intense heat and dryness of could cause glazing compounds around glass panes to shrink and pull away. 

Finally, one of the lesser mentioned problems that many homeowners experience is a potential bug infestation. Insects of all kinds try to escape the torrent, especially ants. Ants who live in the ground are prone to sudden flooding and due everything they can to escape. Usually it is into your homes, so it may be a good idea to get a preemptive strike and get an exterminator.

However, if your home is prone to mudslides, it is important to make sure that your family is prepared to the fullest for the worst potential disaster. California offers a website that gives you extensive information in what to do during a mudslide! Please visit: 

To get information to how to protect your family.