Last week with the season finale of South Park, one of it's main characters Kyle Broflovski, declared "The living room room is dead!" because no one is using it anymore. What a poignant observation that we have also noticed and blogged about in August in this entry: . In it we discussed the transition from the living room being the place where the family gathers to become more and more towards the Kitchen.

So how do we take advantage of this? How do we make our kitchen reflect a more family orientated feel, which draws the family to a single location in the home? We will present a few ideas and suggestions that you should consider if this is a concern to you!

Kitchen Island One of the most inviting thing you can have in your kitchen is the Kitchen Island. A small place where the family can sit around and either snack, or have a quick meal together. Kitchen islands have always been relatively popular with kitchen remodeling, but it has grown tremendously in popularity in the recent years. We believe that it is reflective of the change of family life dynamics. The Kitchen Island is a good replacement for the dining room. Modern families are constantly on the go, and rarely gather together for an extended meal, but a kitchen island offers a great alternative, it's easy to maintain, it's inviting, and far less formal than sitting at a dining table.

Easy to Clean Surfaces when choosing a material for a counter top, go for materials that are easy to clean and maintain. Avoid porous materials that may absorb liquids and stains and make it a headache to clean. Families are messy, and especially a family on the go. Quartz, a manmade material, is a great option, because it is durable and easy to clean. If you're on a tighter budget opt for vinyl as a material. Go for Porcelain flooring which is far easier to clean.

Open Wall Plan A lot of kitchens are separated from the living room and are usually their own rooms. Open up the walls between the kitchen and the living room and make the transition seamless. This makes both rooms almost conjoined and used together frequently by the family.

Family Seating Nook Include a small area for your family to gather. This is especially good if you can't find a way to fit a Kitchen Island into your kitchen. A small seating area in or next to the kitchen will serve as a perfect area to have a quick meal. A great way to have your children be in the same area as you while your busying about the kitchen. Even a coffee table can change the behavior of your family, because it'll allow a place to sit down for a few minutes and enjoy their meal.

It is important to ask yourself what kind of a family life you have. How many children, pets, you may have, or how they behave. Do they go out often? Do they stay in? Sometimes it may not be worth the effort and the cost if you already have a family unit that is used to family gatherings in your dining room.

Don't hesitate to ask your contractor if they can provide you a family friendly layout of your next kitchen remodeling project. A good contractor will know how to best take any kitchen and convert into their client's dreams.