Have you considered the kind of tiles you want to use in your bathroom? Although there are a ton of materials, we will discuss the importance of stone, marble, and ceramic tile.
These materials are extremely good for people who live in warm climates like Los Angeles, San Diego, or Anaheim, because they provide a cooler material even during hot climates.

Marble marble flooring is perhaps one of the most elegant and beautiful options you can have. Not only does marble keep your floor and bathroom cool during the hot summer months, the twirling patterns and the classic, elegant style that very few materials can match. However, marble can be a headache for those unprepared to deal with the maintenance. You also have to seal the marble quite frequently because otherwise it would stain by any kind of water marks.


Travertine a natural by product of hot springs all around the world, Traveltine is a very popular material to use. It is far easier to maintain than Marble but also has that unique stone look to it. Although it is very beautiful to look at, Travertine can be a bit pricey compared to other materials. Although it's far more water resistant than marble, it is also very soft, and if you have children or pets in the household, the Travertine stone is susceptible to damage.


Porcelain porcelain is a very durable, yet cheap material to choose from. Although porcelain doesn't have the same kind of appeal and aesthetic that marble or travertine may have, it certainly stands on it's own as a practical choice for a bathroom. It is very water resistant, and also damage resistant. Recent technologies have allowed for porcelain to be made in very beautiful colors, patterns, and shapes, allowing for even a larger variety of options for any home.


Slate slate tile is a great option for those who want a bold, natural look to their bathroom floor. Slate is a very durable material that is very water resistant. However, it is expensive to install, and is not sound proof, that is, sound can easily go through it. Despite that, Slate maintains a durable, dependable, and aesthetically pleasing option for a material choice.


Granite Granite is an excellent choice for any bathroom. It is a natural rock and is very cost effective. While maintaining a strong durability, and water resistance, it can often come with it's own problems. Granite is very hard floor, and although it is great for keeping your feet cool during the summer months, it can also become super cold and frigid during the winter months. That's because Granite is not the best stone at conducting heat, so it is an options best reserved for areas where warm climates are nearly year round.


Onyx onyx is  used minimally between tiles, and can add a timeless beauty to any flooring. Although rarely ever used entirely for tiles, due to it's soft texture, high cost, and maintenance, it is often used as studs between tile patterns that create a gorgeous pattern. Keep in mind though that Onyx is a very soft stone, and is easy damaged. Maintenance on onyx is even more demanding than Marble, but the benefit of a beautiful floor is worth it.


Quartz Quartz tiles are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable and long lasting stone. They can be a bit on the high end cost of options, but they can also provide some of the most elegant looking materials because quartz is a manufactured stone and can be colored to any space. But because of this, it's hard to sometimes match the natural look that marble may have. Despite all that, quartz holds it's own in great material options.

These are some of the most common used stone materials used for bathroom modeling. Next time we will look into some of the more unconventional options for your bathroom floor and how it can be of great benefit.