With many of our customers we provide a 3 dimensional designs of their projects before we get started to give our customers the clearest, and best representation of what their project is expected to look like in the end. We feel that it is important for our customers to see this because we can tackle issues such as color choice, cabinet style, appliance locations, before we fully tackle on the project.

Today we will provide a sneak peak into the process with the help of our talented artist and designer providing information and examples.

After a thorough discussion with our client's needs we then begin to take photographs of the area we are going to be working on. This is important so we can establish context as to how everything is currently laid out. 

Photograph of the Kitchen

Here is an image of a kitchen we are working on. The agent who took this picture will then sketch out a very rough blueprint for our designer to put together into a professional blue print, and 3D renders. These sketches are very rough, and provide, mostly, an idea of layout, dimension, and where the placement of appliances and cabinets will be.

Kitchen Blue Print Sketch

As you can see in the sketch here, we are given the main cabinet sizes, and appliance sizes. 
Our artists use some of the best 3D software for our projects. Primarily we use a software called 20/20, an industry standard, however, whenever we need specialized, or customized cabinets our artists also use 3D Studio Max, and Photoshop to create the proper materials necessary for our renders to come out great.

Our artist then starts working on putting together the walls and creating the proper dimensions.

Wall Placement

When the dimensions are placed the artist then begins to select the correct cabinets from our extensive catalog, and begins to build the kitchen.

Cabinet Placements in 20/20

As the kitchen is being build, more and more furniture is then placed. While placing the cabinets, our artist also select the style and material used for the cabinets themselves:

Cabinet Edit

As you can see, each object in the software has it's own parameters, dimensions, costs, materials, etc. Our artist meticulously controls every aspect of the pieces to make sure everything fits properly. As the artist continues to position the cabinets, and appliances in the proper places you start seeing a fully fleshed out professional looking blue print. 

Fully Fleshed out Blueprint

The software converts all the information put into it by our artist. It converts the cabinets into 3D images, and our artist then begins to work on the lighting, and the angle of the images. After some trial and error, because no room is exactly the same, our artist creates a great lighting scheme, which makes the image look even better.

The final image is a composite of all the data that was put into it. 

Full 3D Render

The final 3D Render is a great representation that helps all our customers understand what their design will look like in the end.

We can then take many more images from many angles and provide any kind of image our customer would want. If they want any kind of changes, such as material color, or placement of the cabinets/appliances, this would be the most opportune moment to do so, as our artist can easily then change the layout before we begin.

Don't hesitate to ask your contractors to provide a 3D render for what they intend to do. It is the best way to get an idea for what kind of a project you want to have. US Home Improvement provides a wonderful coupon on Angie's List that gives you a huge discount on the 3D render designs. Take advantage of it!