Often times when we go over designs and ideas with customers we ask how they feel about fireplace. A lot of the time customers respond to us that they didn't even think about it because they assumed it was going to be an expensive and an unnecessary addition to their home. But besides being a beautiful addition to any home, a fireplace is not that terribly expensive of a project. According to HomeAdvisor.com, a website dedicated to providing customer information, the average cost for a fireplace installation in Los Angeles is $2358. Of course, this all depends on the kind of fire place you install, and the materials you use!

But if you do decide to install a fireplace, consider first and foremost the kind you want to go with. A gas fire place offers the best in terms of heating efficiency, is far more environmentally sound, and can be installed for homes that do not have chimneys. For those people that love that timeless crackle and warmth of wood fireplace can also find a huge variety of options available.

Materials are an important factor to. Do you want a classic look? Traditional? Maybe use stone or granite? Depending on which you choose can determine the final costs of your fireplace. A lot of fire place manufactures provide a kit for the installation, and depending on the material you choose the pieces can go from a few to a lot more, due to weight. Discuss the options you have with your contractor.

Check to make sure that if you plan to have a chimney make sure that it is properly vented. An un-vented chimney can push a lot of the smoke, and the toxins in that smoke, back into the house. Safety is the prime concern when building a fireplace, remember you are dealing with fire.

The right contractor will know how to make sure the fireplace is up to code, and how to properly install it. If you do consider a fireplace installation don't hesitate to explore the vast variety of options available!