The 2014 year is soon closing, and the brand new and exciting year of 2015 is on the horizon. And with the new year, we can expect new trends in every industry, including Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling. With this in mind, we present 7 trends in 2015 for Kitchen Remodeling.

Open Shelving If you recall our blog post, Small Kitchen In Your Reseda Home? , we mention that open shelving is a great means of opening up spaces and making  your kitchen seem larger than it already is. Well, for the year 2015, open-shelving is becoming even more popular kitchen design, due to the desire for larger kitchen look, and the unique feel that they offer.

Unique Ceiling Design there has been a growing trend for kitchens that have ceilings that are unique, and generally force the eye towards it. Small windows near the ceiling is a great way of creating additional natural light, and at the same time force the gaze upwards. This in turn makes the kitchen seem taller, and larger, which ties in well with the idea that the kitchen is becoming the new hub for the family.

Furniture Style-Design We've mentioned before in our blog, Remodeling the Kitchen for Modern Lifestyles,, that the kitchen is replacing the family room as the hub of the family, and the house hold. Indeed, this is even more evident as there have been a higher demand in furniture looking kitchen cabinets, pantries, countertops, that all make the kitchen a place of comfort, and gathering.

Modern-Traditional Styles although a seeming oxymoron, the modern traditional style is a take on a traditional solid shaped or flat surfaced cabinets and modernized with either new technology, or design elements such as solid color palettes,  or unique layouts.

Bold Colors more than ever people are choosing bold solid colors such as black and white to create their kitchens. This goes perfectly with the modern-traditional design, where such bold color palettes create a sense of elegance.  

Switching Metals for a long time silver, stainless steel, and chrome metal was the most popular options for kitchen remodeling. Everything from kitchen faucets, to cabinet handles, appliance cabbinets, to countertops, these metals have been extremely possible. However in the recent years, and with even more certainty in 2015, people are switching those cooler, colder metals for a warmer options. We've seen a trend in replacing the silver, chrome, and stainless steel, to gold, copper, and bronze.

Wood Preferences are also changing trends going into 2015. We're seeing a lot of people switching to strong pale woods and warm color woods specifically maple for kitchen cabinets. We've seen a decline in demand for birch wood for cabinets, and an increase in demand for walnut and maple wood.