Los Angeles offers an ideal area to have a Screened in Porch. What is a screened in porch? Essentially it is a normal porch or deck that has a screen of mesh, glass, or acrylic that allows a lot of the environmental elements, like rain, or high winds, to be blocked out, while at the same time, providing the natural benefits like sunshine, fresh air, and a natural area to relax in. 

In LA, however, we have a lot of days of perfectly warm weather, frequently with a nice breeze or actual wind. This is great weather for having an outdoor relaxation area. Most homes dedicate their deck area, or an outside patio to such activities, however, all too often, during the summer months we are always swarmed by bugs, insects, and beetles trying to escape the dry heat and find a cool area to chill out in.

This is where the screened really shines. Because of it's screens such insects cannot find their way in, allowing you to enjoy an outdoor relaxing environment, with plenty of fresh air, natural light, and even a light breeze, without having to worry about various creepy crawlies coming to bother you.

Not only that, you can substitute a mesh screen with a glass or acrylic one for those months with high wind, or cold temperatures.

Some things to remember about installing a screened in porch:

Glass screen - glass screens are very durable, and provide the most protection from the sun's uv rays, insects, wind and is very insulating, however they tend to be more expensive than other materials.

Acrylic Screen - acrylic  screens are far cheaper than the glass screens and they are easier to install, however, they don't provide the same kind of level of insulation, and protection that glass screen do.

Mesh Screen - a basic mesh screen will allow you to enjoy the nice breeze and the natural environment around you, for a good cheap cost. However they aren't at all insulating, and require maintenance.  

Sky Light - a skylight is a great idea for those people that enjoy a lot of natural light. It can provide a great for cloud-watching, and enjoying the bright sunny California weather!

Remember though, when you are building an screen in porch to hire a professional that knows what they are doing. Explore all the options and see what they can do for you.